The yellow dogs welcome you!

We appreciate your stopping by our Dog House. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site and that it is, at the very least, informative. We also hope to see you at one of our performances. Or even better yet, why not book the Yellow Dog Jazz Band for one of your private, commercial, or public events?

It has been nearly 100 years since the word Dixieland was first coined and it is our hope that we can help keep traditional Dixieland music alive through our entertainment and educational endeavors.

Today we purists prefer to call this music Traditional New Orleans Jazz, because the term "Dixieland" evokes images of men wearing red striped vests and boater hats thumping around the town square. That's not us! But we'll continue to use "Dixieland" on this site for simplicity.

Again, enjoy this site and have fun. We certainly do!


featured tune

High Society (Click to play)

King Oliver was the first to record High Society in 1923. It was written in 1901 by Porter Steele, but Oliver's recording company registered the song and attributed it to Joe Oliver. Oops!


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